Not much…

Just popping in to say I fixed a few bugs that occurred awhile back with a WordPress update. I just sort of ignored them figuring I’d get to them later. Well, I finally did after another update was released. haha!

I’m also still slowly working on my remaining 14 costumes that don’t have any info typed about them. Once I finally get those done, I will move onto the rest of the page. It’s just such a tedious task writing about old costumes. I either don’t remember information about them, or just don’t care about the costume enough anymore. But I’m determined to eventually get them all finished!

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I live, I live!

Wow, so I never did get around to updating after Katsucon. There was a post I started write, but I never finished. Ahh! It was my last semester of college though, I got a little busy. But yay! No more school! Now I just work full time. XD

Anyways, due to graduation, switching to working full time, planning on a move out to Pittsburgh by the end of summer, and job hunting for a job that needs a college degree out in my planned destination, I had to cut out almost all my cons this year. I didn’t go to ACEN either, first time since I started going that I missed it, but that was due more to other issues with the con itself than the above mentioned. I went out to Pittsburgh instead and had a great time. ^_^

However, you’re here for my cosplay, not ramblings about my life! I did go to Katsucon back in February, and C2E2 in March, and I have pictures from those! Rushuna was finally retired at Katsucon, Fujiko and Seras also came along, and I debuted Marie Mjolnir from Soul Eater! At C2E2, I only went for Saturday, and I wasn’t truly in a costume, but I was sorta! A friend got me the Merlotte’s uniform from Trueblood for my birthday the week before, and so that came along as my costume. I even got my picture taken with Sam Trammel, the actor who plays Sam Merlotte! How exciting! Anyways, check out the links below for the new costumes.

As for other cons this year, Youmacon will more than likely be it. Otakon is right when I’m hoping to be moving, so that will be no good, and unless some pop up that are doable after I’m finally out on my own, it’s just going to be Youmacon until 2012. So, I hope to see you there, and thanks for the support!

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Cammy Update

Happy New Year! I hope the holidays went well for everyone. :) And those at Ohayocon this weekend: I hope you have tons of fun and be safe! I look forward to seeing your pictures. ^_^

Next up for me is Katsucon, and I’ve got two new costumes in the works for it. I hope to see a lot of people there. But still so much work to do and only 18 days until I leave!

Onto the real purpose of updating! After quite some time of eagerly waiting, LJinto posted the awesome photoshoot he did for me at ACEN last year with Cammy! They really turned out wonderfully, and its hard to believe it was pitch black outside when we were taking them. He truly did a fantastic job working with the lighting we had available. Check them out!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! To those not in the US, I hope you had a wonderful Thursday! My family came over and my mom made a wonderful Turkey, and my new cheesecake recipe I developed last night was a hit. I ended up giving a copy to two of my aunts. :) And I was feeling generous and finally gave them a copy of my chocolate chip cookie recipe they’ve wanted for years. They were surprised when my secret ingredient was finally revealed. :P

Anyways, after dinner with family, my friend Tim sent me some new pictures of Aerith, so she has been updated with the mini shoot he and I did at Otakon back in July. I hope you enjoy!

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Costumes May Be Down

I’m currently working on swapping over to a different method of organizing and running my individual costume galleries in an effort to make updating easier and save some space on my server. In the mean time, please be aware that some of the galleries will temporarily have broken images, while other will have oddly cropped thumbnails and no photo credits linked yet. I hope to get all the galleries swapped over to the new gallery sometime tomorrow (today? Wednesday!) and the photo credits added along with fixing the thumbnails by Thursday. Edit: As of 2:15PM CDT, I have the galleries all swapped over. Now it’s just a matter of all the little tweaks needed to the thumbnails and the photo credits. But now you can view them! :D

Please bare with me! All the photos are here, its just the galleries aren’t all ready. In the mean time, there is now a random image generator over on the side panel. It cycles through all 400+ costume images I need to go through.

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New Costumes Added!

Two new costumes added: Princess Peach and Seras Victoria. All costume info has been completed, and images have been added of each. These costumes were debuted at Youmacon 2010, both of Saturday, October 30. For further information about either, be sure to check out the pages!

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Small Updates

I added some new pictures to Fujiko Mine, as well as the “Add Me” plug in. Though that is mostly for me to easily share my updates on Facebook.

I’m working on gathering links to add since I accidentally over-wrote my old collection of links. If you have a site that you would like to do a link exchange with, just comment and I’d love to link you! There are currently a few banners available for me, and I will be adding more links to other people on an ongoing basis.

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Welcome to!

Many pages are still buggy and being worked on, but for now feel free to poke around and see what there is so far. I will be updating as more is added.

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